About Chris

This story begins on January 19, 1984 in a hospital room of Quincy, Massachusetts. The extraordinarily over-zealous Christopher Edward Smeglin had just been born. In his younger years, Chris attended the Atherton Hough Elementary School, and then onto Broad Meadows Middle School. Growing up, he was a part of th Quincy Track Club, played tennis as much as possible, and began his life long duty of perfecting the art of eating (a family hobby).246870_505964891340_3794_n

Chris went on to attend Boston College High School (class of 2002) and was making the most of teenage years. He was a devoted member of the school’s rugby and ski teams, while at the same time participating in the Outdoors Club and Campus Ministry.
228605_505964966190_6151_nAfter graduating, Chris went on to attend the United States Merchant Marine Academy (King’s Point) in Long Island, New York, where his passion for windsurfing, skydiving, and cycling grew exponentially. He majored in systems engineering, and was able to sail on five different ships. While out at sea, he had the chance to visit 14 different countries, including Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Guam, United Arab Emirates, and Nepal. While attending the USMMA, he was selected for a prestigious internship at the Strike Aircraft Test Evaluation Squadron VX-23 in Pawtuxet River, Maryland. After completion, Chris was excited to become an aviator.250002_506124157170_6980_nEven after all of this, he still found the time to run several marathons (in a batman suit), complete the Arizona Ironman in 2006, play on the school’s Rugby team, and participate in Drill Squad. His Rugby team won the Division 1 Met.-NY Rugby Union championship his senior year.230430_505965006110_2472_nAt graduation in 2006, Chris took the opportunity to high-five the guest speaker: then-President George W. Bush, and received his diploma. After graduation, Chris was accepted into flight school at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, where he eventually graduated at the top of his class.221653_1045969425003_7169_nHe was then sent to the Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas. As a part of Training Squadron Twenty-One (VT-21), Chris learned how to fly jets and excelled as a pilot, and dreamed one day to fly in space. Although Chris’ life was tragically cut short while bicycle training for an upcoming triathlon, his love of life, fitness, and people will live on forever.1930967_556931966792_1422_n

3 thoughts on “About Chris

  1. Chris has been my inspiration & motivation for many of my most difficult and challenging times in my life. His candle of life burnt out way to soon but it is a light I still gain strength from.
    I think about his intelligence, strength, humor & courage so often.
    Chris you are so missed but NEVER forgotten.


  2. I never met Chris, but last year I met his parents after traveling to Boston for a vacation I found the race on-line. The cause was something I wanted to support. I traveled from Louisiana and got to met great volunteers, Chris’s family and Geoff Smith. A great race.


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